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What's Showing on Movie Marvels This Weekend!


Friday, November 2 and Saturday, November 3


Starring Lorena Velázquez, Armando Silvestre, and Elizabeth Campbell

A mad scientist terrorizes a city by kidnapping young women with his ape-man Gomar and then using them as subjects in sadistic brain transplant experiments. A female wrestler whose sister was one of the victims swears vengeance against the Mad Doctor. IMDb

Friday, November 9 and Saturday, November 10


Starring John Howard, Heather Angel and H.B. Warner

On the eve of his wedding Captain Hugh Drummond is off to Morocco when Scotland Yard's Colonel J.A. Nielson is kidnapped by international criminal Richard Lane. With his fiancée Phyllis Clavering, friend 'Algy' Longworth and his trusty valet 'Tenny' Tennyson, Bulldog flies his own plane 1200 miles only to find the local British Consul ordering him home without delay. Drummond isn't an easy man to get rid of however and they soon mount their rescue plan. IMDb

Friday, November 16 and Saturday, November 17


An American reporter in Japan is sent to interview an eccentric Japanese scientist working on bizarre experiments in his mountain laboratory. When the doctor realizes that the hapless correspondent is the perfect subject for his next experiment, he drugs the unfortunate man and injects him with a serum that gradually transforms him into a hideous, two-headed monster. IMDb

Friday, November 23 and Saturday, November 24

DESTROY ALL PLANETS (aka Gamera vs. Bairus)

Gamera the Flying Turtle falls under the spell of evil aliens, but two children free him and he returns to fight the aliens' monster, Viras. A group of aliens from another planet head for Earth with the intentions of conquering it. Their first ship is destroyed in transit by the giant flying turtle Gamera. A second ship makes it to Earth and captures two Boy Scouts (one is the Seattle area’s Christopher Murphy and is interviewed on “In the Dungeon with Professor Fred) and holds them captive so that Gamera will not attack them. The aliens then implant a remote control device into the monster's neck and use the great turtle to attack Tokyo. The boys then come up with a plan to foul up the remote control device to the point where Gamera does the opposite of what he is ordered to. As a result Gamera destroys the aliens ship, but then has to contend with their giant squid like leader Viras.

Friday, November 30 and Saturday, December 1


Gangster Alexander Ward, his girl friend, Gypsy Boulet, and two henchmen come to Deadwood, South Dakota with teh idea of stealing a few gold bars.  As a distraction, they set off an explosion in a remote cave.  Wouldn't it figure that during their getaway they'd have to seek refuge in that same cave when a nasty storm strikes.  They soon discover the diversion tactic did more than draw the attention of the townfolk.  Excerpt from IMDb.

Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8


Benevolent aliens from the planet Emerald send superhero Starman to protect Earth from invasion by an evil alien race called the Spherions. When Starman arrives on Earth, he discovers a conspiracy involving Earth's top scientists. He must root out the traitors and also stop the impending alien invasion. -Excerpt from IMDb.

Friday, December 14 and Saturday, December 15


Starring Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello and Buddy Baer. Abbott & Costello's version of the famous fairy tale, about a young boy who trades the family cow for magic beans.   - Excerpt courtesy IMDb.

Friday, December 21 and Saturday, December 22


Starring: John Call, Leonard Hicks , Vincent Beck and Pia Zadora

Martians, upset that their children have become obsessed with TV shows from Earth which extoll the virtues of Santa Claus, start an expedition to Earth to kidnap the one and only Santa. While on Earth, they kidnap two lively children that lead the group of Martians to the North Pole and Santa. Excerpt courtesy IMDb.

Friday, December 28 and Saturday, December 29


Starring Rik Van Nutter, Gabriella Farinon and David Montresor

In the 21st century Ray Peterson, reporter for the Interplanetary News, is assigned to write a story aboard a space station. Tension mounts between Peterson and the station commander, who believes he is in the way, but has orders to leave him alone. Errant spaceship Alpha Two enters the solar system and its photon generators are radiating enough heat to destroy Earth as it approaches. It falls to Peterson to try to figure out a way to enter the spaceship, disarm the generators, and escape before suffocating.  IMDb