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The SCCtv and KNW live stream simulcasts have been returned, most of the time.  Unfortunately, they will go down from time to time as we develop a plan to deal with an infrastructure issue preventing them from continually streaming.  Our apologies!  Also, you may notice the programming schedule is currently unavailable.  This is due to the same infrastructure issue.  All will hopefully be resolved soon.   

The building in which Seattle Colleges Cable Television (SCCtv) is situated experienced power issues beginning New Years Day 2023.  While the power issues have been resolved and our live stream simulcasts have returned to the website, there are still a few existing network issues to address.  Once that work is complete we will be able to restore our programming schedule application.   

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience these outages have caused.  Thank you for your understanding. 

Also, please keep in mind, both stations have been cablecasting since the initial power issues at our building were resolved.  SCCtv Cablecasts in Seattle on Comcast Ch 28 and Wave Broadband Ch19.