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" I believe in SCCtv's history, we've received 3 Emmy nominations in the last ten years. And now this! To have 6 in one year is amazing, and a testament to the hard work and talent we have right here at SCCtv. We're competing with the big boys, the commercial stations, that have huge budgets and 10 times our staffing, and yet, we did it! Now let's hope we win one. " says SCCtv General Manager John Sharify.

The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Northwest announced the nominations at a big party at the Century Ballroom in Seattle Friday night.

Producer Jeff Gentes received a nomination for SCCtv's "Remarkable People" in the category Documentary-Cultural/Historical.? SCCtv's? Jean Walkinshaw is profiled in the Special.? ?John Sharify was honored with five nominations in the following categories: Documentary - Topical,?? Arts/Entertainment Advanced Media, Arts/Entertainmnet - Feature Segment, and two nominations for On-Camera Talent -Reporter- Programming. ?John now has 125 Emmy nominations to go along with his 31 Emmy awards.? Tim Griffis, Scott Rensberger, Maria Lamarca Anderson, and Leslie Tung also received nominations for the projects they worked on with John.

The awards ceremony will be held May 30th at the Snoqualmie Casino. If you can't make it person, you'll be able to watch the event live on our website, For more information about the awards, you can visit the NATAS website, which by the way, the SCCtv web team developed. It's at

View the work that inspired the nominations:

-Remarkable People/Jean Walkinshaw (excerpt)

-This Land is Our Land (excerpt)

-Don Carlos Hidalgo Soberon